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CUSTOM FLEXIBLE PATCH™ Pro-Grade Elastomeric Patching Compound-Smooth (RTU)

A high-performance, elastomeric pro-grade patching, sealing and bridging compound for repairing recurring cracks in wood, masonry, stucco, drywall and plaster. It is 50% more flexible than traditional vinyl and acrylic spackling compounds to expand and contract with surface movement and prevent cracks from reappearing. Won't shrink or crack. Provides excellent paintability and won't gloss paint. Smooth finish. Interior/exerior use.

Case CodeUnit SizeColorUPC #Case Weight (lbs.)Case PackCase Dimensions (LxWxH)Case Volume (cu. ft.)Cases Per PalletSDSTech Bulletin
1227410.1 OZWhite 0 70798 12274 1 14.75128”x6”x11.75”0.3310800079949005TDB
146111 QT.White 0 70798 12611 4 27.50810.5”x10.5”x10.25”0.646400079940005TDB
126171 GAL.White 0 70798 12617 6 27.25216”x8”x8.25”0.617500079940005TDB